Author: SWSS Information Services Department Time: August 10,2021

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with ship materials, spare parts products and the understanding of product knowledge; be able to  analyze its specifications independently and give accurate quotations;

2. Responsible for searching, screening, contacting customers, quoting, participating in business negotiations and formulating contracts, responsible for following up sales accounts etc.;

3. Ability to use various free platforms and various international search engines to open up the international market;

4. Ability to develop customers, understand the foreign trade process, and provide timely responses to customers on product specifications and quality;

5. Be able to respond to changes, deal with customer questions, and work hard to place orders;

6. Responsible for receiving inquiries-coordinating quotation-tracking, docking the company's relevant personnel responsible for purchasing/ order tracking/ production/ logistics to ensure the smooth implementation of the sales process.

Job  Requirements:

1. Proficiency in using Office software, good English reading, writing and speaking skills.

2. There is no limit to professionalism, and experience in shipping materials, spare parts sales, ports, docks, and shipyards related industries is preferred.

3. Good appearance, strong communication skills, patience and meticulousness.

4. Work enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility, good team awareness, and subject to company management.

5. Adapt to short-term business trips, a driver's license is preferred.

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